The Facing Brick Section of Hispalyt (Spanish Association of Brick and Clay Tile Manufacturers) and GeoHidrol have created STRUCTURA, a ventilated facade building system using facing brick.

The STRUCTURA building solution consists of applying Geo-Hidrol Advanced System (GHAS), a new building technique that considerably improves the final result of facades with facing brick.

Facing bricks are exceptionally attractive, enabling them to be used in outside walls. They also have a series of technical features that guarantee compliance to all quality requirements: resistance to water, absorption, compression, etc. They are available in four models –traditional, clinker, glazed and stoneware- in which the majority of installations incorporate the Technologic Improvements available for their production processes, and today have highly efficient energy equipment with specific low consumption, achieving ecological and sustainable material which is therefore environmentally-friendly.

The STRUCTURA system optimizes the features of facing brick, saves energy in the home, with attractive finishes as well as being easy to build. STRUCTURA is, therefore, an example of sustainable architecture.

Advantages of STRUCTURA:

  • An innovative, economic and safe system
  • Improved hygrothermal features
  • Optimized implementation process
  • Durability
  • Highly attractive

The STRUCTURA system is included in the Technical Building Code, guaranteeing its reliability.